Containers for commercial use

From a single unit to hundreds used together, containers are incredibly versatile

Alternative commercial space

The obvious use for shipping containers in a commercial setting is for low-cost storage and warehousing. But clever design can also result in their use to create hotels, offices and gyms – even swimming pools. One of the highest profile examples of utilising shipping containers is Qatar’s Stadium 974, a 40,000-seater venue built for the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Shipping containers are also ideal for businesses that are mobile or seasonal. Pop-up shops have become popular in recent years and side opening containers are highly sought after. With the ability to completely open up the long side of the container, savvy shop owners can create an eyecatching display that invites customers to step inside and explore. At the end of a day’s trading, they simply need to close up and secure the container. Similarly, containers make great cafés and they work well in seasonal settings such as seaside locations, where the unit can be safely and securely left for months when there is no business to be had.

Exploiting the ease of transporting containers, they also make excellent portable catering units used on film locations, at festivals and other events. The events industry has truly embraced the use of shipping containers. Easy to adapt and mobile, they can be used as exhibition space and stands at trade fairs that can then be transported from one location to another with little effort. Create something a little more edgy and partygoers will be attracted to alternative club and bar environments.

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