20ft & 40ft Shipping Containers

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40FT HC Reefer

40ft High Cube Refrigerated Container

40FT HC Reefer


40ft high cube refrigerated containers, or high cube reefers as they are commonly known, are higher than a standard 40ft reefer. Manufactured 1 foot (30cm) taller, they provide extra storage capacity that can reduce the amount of reefers required for cargo being transported in high volume. The higher doors also provide easier access for bulkier or over-height goods.

Used for perishable foods, non-food items such as flowers and pharmaceuticals, a 40ft high cube reefer container (high cube reefer) can be set to maintain extremes of cold temperature for the duration of transit. Temperature is monitored throughout to ensure the cargo is kept in perfect refrigerated conditions.


Tare Weight4660 kg10273.54 lbs
Payload Capacity29340 kg64683.62 lbs
Maximum Gross Weight 34000 kg74957.16 lbs

A 40ft Reefer can hold 25 Euro-pallets in one tier or 21 Standard-pallets in one tier

Internal Length 11.56 m37.92 ft
Internal Width2.29 m7.51 ft
Internal Height2.55 m8.36 ft
External Length12.19 m39.99 ft
External Width2.44 m8.00 ft
External Height2.9 m9.51 ft
DOOR OPENINGMetricImperial
Door Opening Width2.28 m7.48 ft
Door Opening Height2.54 m8.33 ft

40ft shipping container dimensions are standardized by ISO for guidance only. Slight variations between manufacturers’ specifications may occur.

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