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Oceanbox also supplies FIRST TRIP shipping containers

At Oceanbox we supply an extensive range of first trip and new shipping containers for sale. Containers are available in a variety of sizes – 20ft DV, 20ft OS, 20ft HC, 20ft DD, 40ft DV, 40ft OS, 40ft DD, 40ft HCDV, 40ft HCOS, 40ft HC, 40ft HCDD, 45ft HC and 45ft HCDD. We also supply reefers (refrigerated containers). Our new build and first trip shipping containers are available in various colours (please see the RAL chart below) and can be supplied with your choice of opening – EOD (easy open door with 3 lock bars) or SOD (standard open door with 4 lock bars).

  RAL Chart 

RAL Chart Shipping Container Colours

First trip shipping containers for sale
First trip shipping containers are newly built and have only done one trip at sea unlike other containers that have been at sea for some years. First trip containers offer excellent value and maximum container lifecycle. Manufactured in the Far East, these newly built containers have been loaded with cargo and delivered to the country of destination (the container’s first trip). They are practically new but there may be some small signs of use such as a small mark, scratch or dent from handling equipment whilst loading/unloading.

Oceanbox new build and first trip shipping containers come with quality assurance
All Oceanbox shipping containers conform to international standards such as ISO, UIC, TIR and CSC. Oceanbox will advise on the most suitable container for your specific needs. Learn more about Shipping Standards.

Contact us for new build and first trip shipping container sales prices
For new shipping containers and first trip shipping container sales please complete the enquiry form below or contact us. Oceanbox offers highly competitive rates and we may have availability at a depot closer to your location.

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