20ft & 40ft Shipping Containers

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20ft Full Side Access Dry Cargo Container



A 20ft open side container features standard end doors plus a full set of doors along the length of the container. It gives plenty of access for loading and unloading and makes 20ft full side access containers quick and convenient to use.

The additional doors present an extra weight bearing force on the container, so the floor and roof are reinforced to maintain the container’s strength and integrity. As a result, the internal height of 20ft full side access containers is slightly less than standard containers, but it also means that cargo weight is not an issue and heavy loads are easily accommodated.

20ft full side access containers are a popular choice for conversion to mobile shops and pop-ups, especially for catering and retail usage. They are also very useful as a storage solution – the additional doors make it easy to access the interior no matter how the container is sited.


Tare Weight2200 kg4850.16 lbs
Payload Capacity 28200 kg62170.35 lbs
Maximum Gross Weight 30400 kg67020.52 lbs
Cubic Capacity33.08 m³1168.26 ft³

A 20ft container can hold 11 Euro-pallets in one tier or 10 Standard-pallets in one tier

Internal Length 5.89 m19.32 ft
Internal Width 2.35 m7.70 ft
Internal Height 2.39 m7.84 ft
External Length 6.05 m19.84 ft
External Width2.43 m7.97 ft
External Height 2.59 m8.49 ft
DOOR OPENING MetricImperial
Door Opening Width2.34 m7.67 ft
Door Opening Height 2.28 m7.48 ft

20ft shipping container dimensions are standardized by ISO for guidance only. Slight variations between manufacturers’ specifications may occur.

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