20ft & 40ft Shipping Containers

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20ft High Cube Double Door Dry Cargo Container


20ft high cube double door containers, also known as high cube tunnel containers, are manufactured 1 foot (30cm) taller than a standard height container and are designed to accommodate over-height cargo. If you have cargo that simply won’t fit in a standard 20ft container, the additional capacity of a 20ft high cube double door can be a more cost effective choice than upgrading to a standard height 40ft container.

Manufactured with a set of double doors at either end of the container, rather than just at one end as per a standard high cube container, cargo can be accessed from either end. This eliminates the need to unload the entire contents of the container to access goods stored towards one end.

20ft high cube double door containers are also ideal for storage and can be compartmentalised into two sections. It’s also ideal if you want to use a forklift to store a large item and literally drive through to take it out again.


Tare Weight2300 kg5070.63 lbs
Payload Capacity 28180 kg62126.26 lbs
Maximum Gross Weight 30480 kg67196.89 lbs
Cubic Capacity37.23 m³1314.90 ft³

A 20ft container can hold 11 Euro-pallets in one tier or 10 Standard-pallets in one tier

Internal Length 5.89 m19.32 ft
Internal Width 2.35 m7.70 ft
Internal Height 2.69 m8.82 ft
External Length 6.05 m19.84 ft
External Width2.43 m7.97 ft
External Height 2.89 m9.48 ft
DOOR OPENING MetricImperial
Door Opening Width2.34 m7.67 ft
Door Opening Height 2.66 m8.72 ft

20ft shipping container dimensions are standardized by ISO for guidance only. Slight variations between manufacturers’ specifications may occur.

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