Global Network

Oceanbox operates all over the world

Our Global Reach

From our offices in Malta and Cyprus we arrange for cargo to be transported all over the world. Our international shipping containers have an extensive global reach. We have a vast and well established international network of depots strategically positioned to quickly fulfil our customers’ requirements. And our expert team knows how to deal with all the logistics efficiently and supply shipping containers to the desired location with the minimum of fuss.

Oceanbox operates all over the world, including mainland Europe, Mediterranean & lberia, North, West, East & South Africa, Baltics, Scandinavia, Russia, United Kingdom, lreland, North, Central & South America, South East Asia, lndian subcontinent, Stan & Middle East countries.

Furthermore, we also provide rail off-hires in German hinterlands, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Slovenia, Romania, Stan countries, France, Spain, United Kingdom.

Oceanbox has an extensive supplier network

We pride ourselves on providing a worldwide supply of international shipping containers wherever they may be needed and whatever type of container is required. We offer a wide choice of containers for all types of cargo, whether you need a 20ft dry cargo container, need a pallet wide container for European transport, need to ship a consignment of vaccines in a reefer or have been struggling to source a 45ft high cube container that you know will be the most cost-effective solution for transporting your goods.

Oceanbox’s streamlined and easy ordering process means fast turnaround and prompt delivery of containers to wherever you need them. We’ve built strong relationships with freight companies and shipping lines, which helps ensure we can be responsive to needs and move containers to destinations quickly and efficiently. Our network of partners means that, locally, regionally and internationally, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure a consistently high level of service on a global scale.

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