Shipping Container Uses

Much more than just a container

Shipping containers are essential for transporting goods around the world. They are integral to international trade and most people will be familiar with images of cargo ships loaded high with containers, crossing the oceans or being loaded and unloaded in port.

Manufactured to withstand the toughest of conditions and robust enough to protect their contents, shipping containers are built to last. This, combined with innovative thinking all over the world, has led to a whole new way in which shipping containers can be modified and used for other purposes – all of which create significant savings in terms of both time and cost.

Their sheer size, flexibility of use and ease of adaption mean that shipping containers can be given a whole new lease of life once they are no longer considered seaworthy. Reuse has helped ensure that the shipping container industry is now more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

As well as working with customers to transport their goods from one country to another, Oceanbox supplies used containers that may have reached the end of their seafaring life but have many more years of use for other purposes including:

Residential living
From a single unit adapted into a comfortable studio apartment to a combination of containers 15 storeys high to create student accommodation on campus, shipping containers offer a low-cost solution to housing needs. Read more

Commercial spaces
The obvious use for shipping containers in a commercial setting is for low-cost storage and warehousing. But clever design can also result in their use to create hotels, offices and gyms – even swimming pools. Read more

Construction sites
Probably one of the most common ways in which shipping containers are used outside of the shipping industry, the construction industry has long used shipping containers for a variety of purposes on construction sites. Read more

Industry uses
Taking a more utilitarian approach to alternative uses, shipping containers can be repurposed very easily for a wide variety of applications in industrial settings. Read more

Whether sited in a permanent location for residential use to providing mobile solutions for business and industrial purposes, there are endless alternative uses for shipping containers.

Shipping Container Uses


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At Oceanbox we offer an unrivalled combination of expert knowledge and access to a wide variety of new and used shipping containers located in depots all over the world. We can even adapt and manufacture shipping containers for bespoke requirements.

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We know that many of our customers have questions about our shipping container services. We’ve answered some of the most common queries – if you need more information, please contact us.

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Our environmental responsibility

Sustainability underpins everything Oceanbox does. From our one-way leasing service to selling second-hand shipping containers - we aim to operate in an environmentally responsible manner and according to the latest health and safety regulations.

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