Containers for industrial use

Built for strength, shipping containers are perfect in industrial settings

Form and function for all industry

Taking a more utilitarian approach to alternative uses, shipping containers can be repurposed very easily for a wide variety of applications in industrial settings.

Providing a functional space within a strong and robust structure that is also secure makes shipping containers incredibly useful across multiple industry sectors. We have supplied containers that have been adapted for use in water treatment plants and for swimming pool sanitation. Containers are also ideal for secure storage and/or transportation of hazardous waste and corrosive liquids.

Within the renewable energy sector containers are converted to contain biomass boilers, a cost-effective solution that avoids construction of a new-build structure and provides the means to generate income through energy. A separate container can also provide a low-cost fuel store to house wood pellets or woodchip, with no risk of the wood becoming damp. Solar and wind energy producers use shipping containers to house switchgear and transformers.

The oil and gas industry also uses shipping containers both for workers’ accommodation and storage of equipment. Designed for transport, containers are easy to relocate wherever needed. And because the conditions in which the containers are used are exactly what they were designed for in the first place, they are ideal for offshore applications.

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