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IICL and CW used shipping containers from Oceanbox

Used shipping containers for sale
The market for used shipping containers is vast. Second-hand containers can be used for a wide variety of alternative purposes – secure and watertight, they need only to be sited and adapted for new use.

In their original form, used shipping containers make excellent storage – both for temporary and permanent use – at a very cost effective price. It is that same low cost that has influenced the use of second-hand shipping containers for many more diverse purposes, transformed and elevated into office space, living accommodation, pop-up shops, even swimming pools.

At Oceanbox we have a comprehensive range of used shipping containers for sale, including 20ft DV, 20ft OS, 20ft HC, 20ft DD, 40ft DV, 40ft OS, 40ft DD, 40ft HCDV, 40ft HCOS, 40ft HC, 40ft HCDD. Second-hand reefers (refrigerated containers) are also available.

Used containers from Oceanbox are guaranteed cargo worthy
Used containers come in various qualities and standards such as IICL, cargo worthy (CW), wind and watertight (WWT), depending on the container’s manufacturing specifications, condition and year of production. At Oceanbox all second-hand containers are sold in CW condition and carry a CSC plate.

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To find out more about buying a second-hand container please complete the enquiry form below or contact us. Tell us about its intended purpose and we’ll find the most suitable container for your needs.

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