Containers for the construction sector

Containers for on-site safety and security

Shipping containers have multiple uses in the construction industry

Probably one of the most common ways in which shipping containers are used outside of the shipping industry, the construction industry has long used shipping containers for a variety of purposes on construction sites.

Used as storage, equipment, tools, materials and even vehicles can be safely kept in a shipping container overnight or when not required. Containers are tough, weatherproof and secure to withstand rough sea voyages, qualities that then make them relatively impossible to break into. Reducing the risk of theft alone helps ensure construction projects run on time and stay within in budget.

Converted into office space, shipping containers make excellent site offices where admin can be safely carried out, plans reviewed and the project team has space in which to meet and discuss progress. Containers can be converted into offices that are as plush or utilitarian as you want. They also provide ideal space where site workers can take their breaks, have lunch or shelter from rain.

Adapted to include a kitchen area where workers can boil a kettle, heat food in a microwave and have access to running water and fridges, it helps ensure that the construction company is providing adequate facilities for employees. Similarly, containers can be converted into hygienic bathroom facilities that are far preferable to the traditional portable toilets commonly seen on building sites.

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