Shipping Container Sustainability

At Oceanbox sustainability is integral to how we work

The shipping container industry has a huge environmental footprint. Having a key role to play in global trade means that everyone in the industry has to be responsible. We are committed to upholding the very highest levels of health and safety for employees, the environment and quality of services (HSEQ).

One-way leasing and a global network ensures shipping container sustainability
Our one-way leasing service makes the transportation of goods from one country to another the most environmentally friendly method available and, in turn, supports our customers’ desire to operate sustainably.

With an extensive network of depots strategically placed all over the world, Oceanbox endeavours to optimise shipping container sustainability. We make it our priority to find the most suitable container for each customer and as close as possible to that customer’s port of loading. It minimises the miles covered and fuel used. And because one-way leasing avoids the need for empty repositioning, further unnecessary travel and fuel usage is removed. We also look to support customers by suggesting the most energy-efficient route to the destination port, which reduces costs, improves delivery time and has less impact on the environment – this has positive outcomes both for Oceanbox and our customers in terms of sustainability.

Oceanbox operates responsibly at every level
Everything we do is in accordance with international standards and procedures. We put our people first and ensure that we comply with the latest health and safety requirements to prevent accident, injury and illness – in port and depot environments, the safety of workers is paramount.

Our manufacturing capability has also been developed around HSEQ and our shipping container sustainability policy. To ensure that new shipping containers comply with the latest quality standards, we have a robust quality management system in place. We also aim for continuous improvement, always looking to optimise our manufacturing processes.

“We have high environmental standards within our company, so sustainability throughout our supply chain is essential – it’s the reason we use Oceanbox when leasing shipping containers.”

Furniture Manufacturer, Sweden
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We pride ourselves on providing a fast response to enquiries, extensive knowledge and an ability to find the right solution for your cargo. We focus on supporting our customers to transport goods across continents as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Oceanbox supplies containers to freight forwarders, NVOCCs, shipping lines, container traders, construction companies and storage facilities and we support multiple industries, from oil & gas to the food, retail, pharma and automotive industries

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From international freight, transporting cargo safely from one country to another, to providing secure storage solutions, shipping containers have endless uses. Increasingly, they are recognised as truly versatile units and repurposed ingenious applications.

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