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Since 2017, when Oceanbox was founded, we have built many strong relationships with customers across a variety of industries, from freight forwarders, NVOCCs and shipping lines to container traders, storage facilities construction companies and businesses operating in the oil & gas sector.

Oceanbox is a trusted and reliable supplier
We have built a reputation for excellent customer service, professionalism and reliability. Fast response times and breadth of container availability all over the world means we are now routinely moving tens of thousands of containers every year, providing a vital link in our customers’ supply chain. Understanding individual customer needs, using our expertise to advise improvements and simplifying the entire leasing process from beginning to end is integral to the Oceanbox service. We support a wide range of industries through the supply of shipping containers, including:

The sheer size of agricultural equipment and vehicles means that shipping containers are the only suitable transport method for moving items between their country of manufacture to destination countries. Used containers, both dry and refrigerated (reefers) are also ideal for the secure storage of produce, equipment and are a very cost effective solution for the safe storage of pesticides and animal feed.

Worldwide distribution of cars that have just come off the production line is dependent on the use of shipping containers. Designed to transfer large and heavy items safely and without any damage, shipping containers are the most reliable form of transportation. We also supply containers to be used for transportation of parts being delivered to automotive factories.

Containers are widely used in the construction industry for inexpensive but highly secure on-site storage of expensive building materials, tools and other equipment. Not only do containers protect the contents from extremes of weather, they are constructed from high-grade steel, which reduces the risk of theft. We also supply customers in the construction industry with containers to ship raw materials such as timber.

Shipping containers act as an ideal on-site storage resource for equipment, vehicles and machinery. Moreover, for when defence forces are in action, training or on manoeuvres , shipping containers can be purpose-built as on-site canteens and offices.

With additional pressures facing our education establishments in terms of space and the growing size of classes, containers are often used within the education sector for use as additional classroom space. Moreover, also as a secure storage unit for both teaching and sports equipment.

Food & Drink
From non-perishable items such as sugar to meat, fish, fruit and vegetables that need to be transported under refrigerated conditions, Oceanbox supplies shipping containers to a wide variety of customers in the food industry. Our comprehensive range of dry cargo containers and reefers means we can supply the perfect container for every need.

Marketing & hospitality
For when unique pop-up solutions are required, the modified shipping container can be used at events as modular exhibition stands or demonstration areas (eg kitchens for cooking exhibits) or as break out hospitality areas.

Pharmaceutical products, particularly vaccines, often need to be transported in temperature-controlled conditions – the slightest variance in temperature can result in an entire shipment being ruined. Refrigerated containers, known as reefers, mean that products can be transported in bulk and the temperature controlled and carefully monitored throughout the journey. Security is also crucial – theft of pharma products is always a risk – and reefers are so robustly constructed it’s virtually impossible to force access.

Driven by a need for efficiency
Common across every industry is the need to move goods quickly and efficiently. We know that delivering components to a car assembly line is time sensitive – delays are unacceptable. Perishable foods are not called fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) for nothing and exporting to new markets is dependent on goods arriving on time and in perfect condition. Delivering machinery and bulky equipment for a gas exploration operation may also mean very specific transport requirements that need to be arranged urgently. At Oceanbox we take everything in our stride and focus on delivering the right solution quickly.

As well as supporting industries with the movement of cargo, we supply used containers to storage facilities all over the world. Used containers are also in high demand for conversion for other purposes.

“We have found Oceanbox to be by far the easiest and most convenient shipping container provider to work with. We trust them to get things organised and have never been let down in the five years of working with them.”

Specialist Automotive NVOCC, Germany
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A customer-focused service

We pride ourselves on providing a fast response to enquiries, extensive knowledge and an ability to find the right solution for your cargo. We focus on supporting our customers to transport goods across continents as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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The versatility of shipping containers

From international freight, transporting cargo safely from one country to another, to providing secure storage solutions, shipping containers have endless uses. Increasingly, they are recognised as truly versatile units and repurposed for applications that are both ingenious and cost-effective.

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Our environmental responsibility

Sustainability underpins everything Oceanbox does. From our one-way leasing service to selling second-hand shipping containers - we aim to operate in an environmentally responsible manner and according to the latest health and safety regulations.

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