Oceanbox is a customer-focused shipping container company. As one of the largest international shipping container providers we supply and deliver shipping containers worldwide based on requirement levels with the additional aim of balancing sustainability in the global equipment resources. Our containers are available ready on the ground with free on truck (FOT) releases, as well as much sought after off-hires / gate-buy units with free deliveries directly to nominated depots in your required locations.

Oceanbox operates all over the world, including mainland Europe, Mediterranean & lberia, North, West, East & South Africa, Baltics, Scandinavia, Russia, United Kingdom, lreland, North, Central & South America, South East Asia, lndian subcontinent, Stan & Middle East countries.

With our sights set on becoming the biggest shipping container company in the world, we also provide rail off-hires in German hinterlands, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Slovenia, Romania, Stan countries, France, Spain, United Kingdom.

Oceanbox Shipping Container Company


One-way leasing, new and used containers

Based in Cyprus and Malta, Oceanbox supplies shipping containers to a wide variety of customers and industries. With many years of experience, our expert team works to quickly and efficiently deliver logistics solutions that meet client needs at the very best price. A wide variety of shipping containers for all types of use are available in depots across the world, making ours an unparalleled service.

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Oceanbox Shipping Container Company


Shipping containers for every purpose

No matter what type of cargo you need to transport, Oceanbox will have the right shipping container for your requirements. Offering 20ft, 40ft, 45ft containers and reefers, our containers are suitable for dry goods, bulky cargo such as machinery, goods that need to be insulated, perishable goods that require refrigeration and liquids – our experienced team will find the best solution for you.

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Oceanbox Shipping Container Company


Shipping containers have multiple purposes

Whilst the primary use of shipping containers is to transport goods in bulk, they are incredibly versatile and can be utilised for many other purposes. The market for used shipping containers has grown rapidly in recent years. Strict inspections mean that containers have a finite life in terms of being used for freight, but they can then be given a whole new lease of life on land – from providing permanent storage on an industrial site to conversion to a home office.

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Cost-effective leasing to worldwide locations

Oceanbox’s one-way leasing service means you can transport your cargo from one destination to another without the additional cost of empty repositioning. It’s better for your business, reduces costs and is better for the environment.

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Oceanbox operates worldwide

Wherever in the world you need cargo delivered, Oceanbox will be able to help. Over many years we have established a global network with depots everywhere. Through Oceanbox you can deliver to existing markets and even look to expand.

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Oceanbox is here to help

We know that many of our customers have questions about our shipping container services. We’ve answered some of the most common queries – if you need more information, please contact us.

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Oceanbox Shipping Container Company
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