A Sweet Solution to a Serious Problem

Using our global reach to answer a customer’s needs

India is a major supplier of sugar, with over 500 mills producing in excess of 30 million tonnes of sugar every year. Primarily exported in shipping containers, an unusual shortage of available containers in Indian ports threatened the supply chain.

Repositioning shipping containers where they’re needed

We were contacted by a sugar supplier based in Uttar Pradesh who had a backlog of product that simply could not be moved. Despite contacting countless shipping container suppliers, they had been unable to arrange transport – largely due to less import activity as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Once Oceanbox had been briefed on the problem, we set to work to fill the hole in our customer’s supply chain. Thanks to our extensive global network, within days we were able to reposition the 40ft dry cargo containers needed to a convenient port, ready to deliver sugar to several African countries. As well as resolving a major problem, our one-way leasing service made it a very cost-effective solution for our customer.

Delighted by our service, our customer has recommended Oceanbox to other sugar suppliers in the area and we are now a regular supplier of shipping containers to the Indian sugar industry.

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