Transporting Temperature-Sensitive Products

How we’ve helped deliver perfect flowers

Guaranteeing product quality at every stage of a supply chain is essential for a company to maintain and grow its business. When the business concerns a product such as flowers, that have a limited life span, this is particularly true.

Keeping flowers fresh as a daisy

We were contacted by a customer that had been relying on air transport but was concerned about whether it was the best solution for the business. Needing to deliver to multiple destinations, they wanted to simplify the logistics but without compromising the quality of their product.

The Oceanbox team set to work to explore how best to fulfil the customer’s requirements. Using our global network, we were able to put in place an effective logistical plan involving multiple ports where cargo needed to be unloaded in part for onward forwarding.

We supplied 40ft reefers to transport the flowers, making sure that the containers were at the optimum chilled temperature to keep them in perfect condition. The temperature of each reefer was monitored throughout the journey so that any deviation in temperature could be quickly sorted.

One single journey saw our customer’s product delivered to four different destinations. From the first stopover to the last, there was no change in product quality, and the company has now made a wholesale change in their supply change to transport their flowers by sea freight, and Oceanbox is now their exclusive supplier of reefers.

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