Used Containers Given a New Lease of Life

Transforming second-hand containers into comfortable accommodation

A UK-based firm of architects was looking for a regular supply of used dry cargo containers. Focused on making a difference through their work, and keen to reuse materials whenever possible to be more sustainable, they saw shipping containers as a perfect opportunity to achieve their goal.

From used container to new home

The reuse of shipping containers to create compact but comfortable living spaces is a very viable solution to housing issues all over the world, be it as a standalone property or stacked 10 storeys high to create student accommodation on a university campus. On a humanitarian level, adapted containers can also provide emergency accommodation in disaster areas.

Working closely with a specialist engineering and manufacturing company, the practice developed a flexible and modular system of construction to transform second-hand ISO shipping containers into low-cost living accommodation. Prefabrication of room pods in a factory setting means that containers can be quickly adapted. Designed as a self-contained studio-style space, the containers are big enough to incorporate a living/sleeping area, kitchen and bathroom facilities. The firm specifies the use of recycled materials during construction and incorporates new technology, energy-saving heating and cooling sources to make the finished structure as sustainable as possible.

Oceanbox is proud to be supplying used containers for such a project.

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