Shipping container services

Providing one-way leasing, new and used containers across the world

Oceanbox is a world-leading supplier of shipping containers. We specialise in one-way leasing, new build containers, and the sale of used containers. From our offices in Malta and Cyprus, our shipping container service operates on a global scale supported by a vast network of reliable and trusted suppliers and partners.

We offer a wide variety of both new and used containers for any type of cargo. Our shipping containers are available in many sizes – 20ft, 40ft and 45ft – with further options such as high cubes, side door opening, double door opening, open top and soft top. We also supply refrigerated containers (reefers) for transportation of temperature-controlled items, including food, flowers and pharmaceutical products.

With many years of industry experience Oceanbox has been supplying containers to freight forwarders, NVOCCs, shipping lines, container traders, construction companies, storage facilities, oil & gas and various other industries. Our experienced team ensures that our customers receive the very best service from start to finish.

Specialists in one-way leasing

Oceanbox is committed to operating as sustainably as possible for the benefit of our customers and the environment. We believe that containers should not be transported without a cargo and, with container depots located across the world, we’ve made it easy to provide a container wherever you need it and leave it at an agreed destination point. Apart from efficiency and ease, the major benefit of one-way leasing is that it represents a significant cost saving mainly because users avoid paying to return empty containers to their original location.

Quality is built into our one-way leasing service, with container inspections carried out at both collection and drop-off locations, so users can be assured that their cargo is being transported in containers that are fully fit for purpose. All Oceanbox containers meet ISO requirements and we conduct our shipping container services according to the latest safety regulations.

Shipping Container Services

Transporting your products to more markets

Our global reach ensures efficient movement of goods between countries. It also means we can support our customers – and provide a consistent service – when they expand into new territories.

We supply shipping containers to mainland Europe, Mediterranean & lberia North, West, East and South Africa, Baltic, Scandinavia & Russia, United Kingdom, lreland, Scotland North, Central and South America I North, Central and South America, South East Asia,  lndian Sub-Continent, Stan and Middle East Countries.

We also provide rail off hires in German Hinterlands, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Slovenia, Romania, Stan countries, France, Spain, United Kingdom.

“As a freight forwarder working with multiple customers, we need a container supplier that we can trust – no matter where in the world cargo is destined. Oceanbox has proved to be a very reliable partner in our business.”

Freight Forwarding Company, UK


Discover our expertise

At Oceanbox we offer an unrivalled combination of expert knowledge and access to a wide variety of new and used shipping containers located in depots all over the world to respond rapidly and reliably to customer needs. We can even adapt and manufacture shipping containers for bespoke requirements.



Supporting multiple sectors

Oceanbox supplies containers to freight forwarders, NVOCCs, shipping lines, container traders, construction companies and storage facilities and we support multiple industries, from oil & gas to the food, retail, pharmaceutical and automotive industries



Our environmental responsibility

Sustainability underpins everything Oceanbox does. From our one-way leasing service to selling second-hand shipping containers – that are no longer seaworthy but can be used for so many other purposes – we aim to operate in an environmentally responsible manner and according to the latest health and safety regulations.

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